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About PISA Pakistan Information Security Association & Cyber Secure Conference Pakistan;

Student Shelter In Computers Managing Director Abbas Shahid Baqir works with President PISA Pakistan Information Security Association & Additional Director FIA Cyber Crime Mr Ammar Jaffari Message, World around us is changing fast we need to align accordingly. Traditional ways of cyber defense like fire walls, IDS/ IPS etc. have no more remained truly compatible with the present and future threats. The cyber criminals have now learned the ways to by-pass our traditional defense line. Fast changing world towards IoTs and c-rypto currencies would favor the criminal intent if predictive policing, artificial intelligence based network monitoring and block chain technologies. Cyber Secure Pakistan Vision-2025 conference aims to bring all relevant stakeholders of Cyber Security in Pakistan (Public & Private Sector) on one page and to address the existence Challenges and Opportunities for Secure Internet to achieve the desire targets of Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs). Pakistan Information Security Association - Computer Emergency Response Team (PISA-CERT) was started its full operation since 2012. Operating from the office of PISA Pakistan, PISA-CERT provides a point of reference for the Internet community in Pakistan to deal with computer security incidents. PISA-CERT provides assistance to respond security incidents such as intrusion, identity theft, hacking, cyber harassment and other computer security related incidents and minimize their impact. It also provide proactive measures to minimize the security incident. PISA-CERT have involved public and private organizations in number of Cyber Exercise’s to build their capacity in cybersecurity. PISA-CERT works closely with law enforcement agencies and it also has close collaborations with Internet Service Providers (ISP), computer security incident response teams and various computer security initiatives worldwide.



Future of Cyber Security in Pakistan;

• You will gain insight into some of the stories of cyber-attack victims, how they react and handled the attack with the media, shareholders, government and members of the public
• Many executives still struggle on how to justify the cyber security budget, or monetize the impact of cyber security attacks in their organizations. This conference will enable the management and the executives to understand effective method of quantifying (in liquid terms) the impact of cyber security and the financial benefits of having a defense in-depth cyber security program
• Panel discussions on host of cyber security and intelligence issues would enable you to have firsthand opportunities of submitting your cyber security issues and questions to the cyber security experts from across the world.
• The right mix of presentations on technical solutions, research findings, innovations, and best practices would empower you to protect your organization’s critical information asset.
• Research has shown that networking event remains one of the channels to meet new business partners, employers, or clients/customers. This event will offer you opportunity to network with others in your industry, and make new contacts.
• Opportunities for foreign security firms to attend session on entering Pakistan market.
• Through specialized and industry-specific sessions, you will acquire specific knowledge and adaptable solutions on how to overcome some of your organizational cyber security issues.


Pakistan Information Security Association & Cyber Security Awards Pakistan

Student Shelter In Computer Managing Director Abbas Shahid Baqir Win's

Best Cyber Security IT Company of the Year Award

Best Cyber Security IT Professional of the Year Award

Best Cyber Security Trainer of the Year Award

Student Shelter In Computers Managing Director Abbas Shahid Baqir works with Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) is a not-for-Profit , International Organization of Information Security Professionals in Pakistan and Practitioners. It Provides Educational Forums, Publications and peer Interaction Opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills and Professionals growth of its members. Cyber Secure Pakistan | Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) in association with UltraSpectra presents a series of international conferences and awareness seminars on the much needed topic of “Cyber Security in Pakistan”. Mission The basic purpose and motive behind this conference is to educate and aware the people of Pakistan against the ever increasing threat of “Cyber Crimes & Cyber Terrorism”. With the increasing growth of Information Technology in Pakistan, it has become imperative to educate the masses about the misuse of Internet. The primary purpose is to promote the education of its members for the improvement and development of their capabilities relating to the security of the information systems processing.

Our Mission: “To make a Cyber Secure Pakistan” , Our Vision: “To address the globally aligned cybersecurity best practices at all levels” More specifically, the objectives of the Association are (a) to promote the education of, and help expand the knowledge and skills of its members in the interrelated fields of information systems security, and information or data processing; (b) to encourage a free exchange of information security techniques, approaches, and problem solving by its members; (c) to provide adequate communication to keep members abreast of current events in information processing and security which can be beneficial to them and employers; and (d) to communicate to management, and to systems and information processing professionals the importance of establishing controls necessary to ensure the secure organization and utilization of information processing resources.

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