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Why We Offer Information Security Services?

Looking for a good information security management for your organization? Do you want your company to be totally safeguarded from cyber-attacks? Then look no further. IT systems hold large volume of valuable information. These data and information are important for the day to day running of companies. Therefore, as a leading IT security company we offer information security services to protect your organization from any data loss. Cyber-attack is on the increase today. The issue of security can’t be taken lightly. We are ever ready to take charge of your organization’s information security management and get you protected. A big issue for companies doing online business today is cyber security. Great amount of money are lost to cyber-attacks. Every IT security consultant in Student Shelter in Computers has a vision of putting an end to cyber-attacks. We recognize that there is going to be an increase of cyber-attacks, if every organization’s IT security is not properly managed. We are willing to offer information security services to avoid putting businesses at risk.


What We Do?

To overcome IT security threat on your companies, we bring to you Student Shelter in Computers protection services. Our managed security services supports and assists your organization’s daily business activities. It also keeps cyber-attacks at a distance from your business network making sure that you encounter no disturbances to your network services. Our network security services are world class and very reliable. Our services are rendered and duly managed effectively to guarantee your online business a 100 % security protection.


Our Cyber Consulting Services

At Student Shelter in Computers , we are the best among other cyber security consulting firms. No other IT security companies offer top security services as we do. At our disposal are experienced IT security consultants who are committed to perform critical researches, provide new and effective ways to solve major challenges you might encounter and feed you with tips and approaches to cyber security.  We stand out from other network security companies who have consultants that give instructions based on the presumed “best practices” for certain organizations. Our IT security consultants offer practical, real time experiences gotten   from our worldwide network of resources to give you trustworthy information security management. Always remember that you have to partner with cyber security consulting firms that offer the best IT security services properly managed to suit your needs. Only Student Shelter in Computers can offer you that when you book an appointment with them.


Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber-criminals want to victimize companies, stealing valuable information for personal profit. Whether account numbers, intellectual property, or trade secrets, these bad actors bypass whatever security companies may have in place to disrupt their operations and abuse their sensitive data. Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) shows that cyber-criminals regularly target small businesses and that the grand majority of data breaches could have been prevented had adequate cyber-security measures been in place. Furthermore, the average cost of a data breach is $4.6 million for companies across the world, with the average for companies in the U.S. twice as high. These numbers represent catastrophic costs to a small business, especially when they can be avoided by adopting sufficient cyber-security measures. To protect clients from attack, cyber-security companies like Student Shelter in Computers provide an array of services that bolster network security against threats both internal and external. Student Shelter in Computers has been providing a variety of IT services to clients for over 10 years. Our cyber-security experts know how to protect your system from invasion by bad actors and are passionate about doing so. Through a combination of employee education, appropriate security software, and network administration services, Abel can empower your network to fight back against intruders and keep your critical information safe from exploitation.


Firstly, clients must be made aware of the types of danger that face their companies. Many classes of cyber-crime find success because of the victim’s ignorance of the method. Deceptive practices like phishing, the online impersonation of a trusted third party, are counteracted most effectively by an understanding of how they are enacted, what the method looks like, and how to respond. Unlike certain other cyber security companies, Student Shelter in Computers believes that educating companies on commonly-perpetrated cyber-crimes, from their board room to their break room, can vastly improve their defenses against cyber-threats. Our team of specialists will train clients on how to identify and appropriately handle phishing, spoofing, and other types of cyber-attack that require the victim’s participation.

Security Software

Next, Student Shelter in Computers offers consulting services to analyze your systems and determine the best security software for your circumstances. Many companies, small businesses specifically, underestimate the threat that they face from bad actors. Their complacency with regards to cyber-security paired with the promise of greater profit than when defrauding an individual makes small businesses attractive targets. Implementing the appropriate security software across your network, including mobile access users and devices connected via company Wi-Fi, will bolster security measures already in place by automatically scanning and responding to cyber-threats.

Network Administration

Finally, the upkeep of IT systems accounts for a great deal of network breach prevention. Student Shelter in Computers can help you maintain fine control over your data by handling the administrative actions necessary to keep your information safe. A dedicated network custodian can manage the daily maintenance of your network, making sure security systems are maintained and up-to-date. Software, for instance, can have major security flaws that a hacker exploits to obtain your data. Developers patch these flaws when they are discovered, but many companies do not have the most current patch available. When Student Shelter in Computers manages an IT infrastructure, however, we perform routine system audits to ensure that all programs are patched to their most current versions. We can provide further administrative services such as minimizing your network’s downtime, monitoring your system for early response to cyber-security threats, and managing employee access to the network by revoking and granting permissions as necessary.

Our Cyber Security Services to Companies

Our IT experience extends beyond cyber-security as well; we offer supplementary services, including network consultation and help desk support. We provide services to clients, such as consulting with clients, designing a solution, implementing the software, integrating the programs, extending their capabilities, and training in their usage. We can help you refine the security of your network — let Student Shelter in Computers help you protect yourself from costly, disruptive cyber-attacks.

Empower Services solves the Cyber Security Business Challenge

The field of cybersecurity technology is growing faster than any other vertical in the IT market. In addition to the influx of cybersecurity technology companies, threats and government policy continue to evolve at rapid pace and require insider knowledge to successfully anticipate future market direction and the need for increased resources to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, more and more often customers are postponing their technology purchases until the latest possible times due to lack of understanding. Cybersecurity products are often updating older versions, therefore they are the first to get eliminated when an agency cuts its budget. In fact, up to 60 % of forecasted deals end up dying or being significantly postponed as a result of the customer choosing to make no decision at all. The issue is not having a better product or service than the competitor, but rather customers don’t see enough reason to do something differently. Leaving us with the "No Decision Crisis". These inherent dynamics can make it a daunting task to analyze where your resources are best spent. Empower Solutions is uniquely qualified to simplify this challenge with our Cybersecurity Business Advisory, Technical & Resell Services platform. By combining our institutional knowledge of government technology resell sales models, unparalleled relationships in the industry, and direct influence into key customers and influential organizations.

Technology Evaluation

Student Shelter In Computers team is uniquely qualified to vet your existing and future cybersecurity technology by assessing its true market potential based on technology and attack trends, existing market climate, customer strategies, and federal policies, both current and future. Empower Solutions will assess and qualify your cybersecurity technology and future prospects to effectively recommend resource allocation.
Customer Satisfaction

Identifying and targeting select cybersecurity customers with potential for growth, Student Shelter In Computers will create stronger, strategic customer relationships for you and your industry partners by performing in depth customer satisfaction follow up. Our approach to understanding the application of technology within the customers’ political and technical environment opens doors to new technology sales.

Customer-Focused Cybersecurity Training

Our sales-focused training services offers added value to your client and partner network. This service empowers your team with knowledge of how software products are applied to security operations by federal customers.

Professional Services

A trusted and experienced reseller is critical to powering your sales efforts through to the next level. The Empower Solutions resale team has earned a reputation of excellence in contract negotiation and execution. We understand that the value of our business model is not complete without the ability to protect the integrity of your intellectual property and efficiently close business.

Technology Services

Enterprise wide Security Strategy
Cybersecurity Operations (SOC, CSIRT, etc)
Corporate Cybersecurity Risk Management
Insider Threat Program planning and assessment
Cybersecurity Intelligence
Cloud Security
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Cybersecurity Workforce Planning
Legislative Intel and Policy Planning
Enterprise Threat Modeling











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