Student Shelter In Computers
Slogan : Our Aim & Mission as a Organization to Promote Information Technology , Cyber Secuirty , Entrepreneurship Education into Young Generation , Teach , Train & Employee them in Eduction Sector , Banks & Different Industries and Bulid them Future Leaders.

Our Objectives

Student Shelter In Computers ® is a platform for promoting, protecting and developing the Educational & Software industry in Pakistan as Non-Profit Organization.

It provides a focal point of representation for outside agencies of various concerns. The main objective striven for is devising ways to tackle issues by confronting the concerned authorities to achieve desirable gains for the organization’s members.

Learning through various endeavors over the years; Student Shelter In Computers ® has implemented formal policies as rules of the association. These have been further communicated to the Government for the formulation of progressive policies. The culmination of old targets and new aims directed at meeting them fuse to create a new era of providing solutions. One glance helps identify the various benefits and sound future opportunities one can attain by joining the Student Shelter In Computers ®


Objectives :

Provide Educational platform to school , colleges & universities.

Promote IT Education to the Women's.

Provide a platform for member software and service companies to share technical and management related experience

Promote, protect and develop the software and services industry in Pakistan

Provide a forum for formulation of standards for the software and services industry in Pakistan

Provide a focal point for outside agencies such as end-user organizations and foreign trade/donor agencies etc, to contact for queries related to accredited software and service companies and the general state of affairs of information and communication technology in Pakistan

Solicit support such as subsidized communication facilities and relaxation of government policies

Devise ways and means for tackling and solving the problems & difficulties confronting the members & allied industries/ trades

Collect, tabulate and circulate statistics & other information relating to or of interest to the business of its members &/or the industry in general

Publish, or cause to be published, or encourage and support publication, bulletins or any other information useful or beneficial to the member companies and the industry in general

Initiate, protect, promote and support legitimate interest of the members, including those necessary for and in the interest of Pakistan and to take steps to secure public support against measures affecting the software and services industry

Make representations to and communicate with federal, provincial governments, local or other authorities both government & private on any matter affecting the business of its members or of its trade

Secure, organize and coordinate action on all matters pertaining to or affecting the interests of its members

Endeavor to settle, adjust and resolve controversies between members and to arbitrate in matters of differences or disputes arising between members

Frame, vary, modify and/or amend, from time to time, the arbitration rules of the association

Undertake special investigative study, research and enquiries

Hold in trust, in safe custody or otherwise except for the purpose of trading any material or amount desired to be so held by the government or members of the association

Advise and assist the government in the formulation of useful and progressive policies and to cooperate with them in their successful implementation

Take effective measures to eradicate unethical practices in the field of trade, commerce and industry

Subscribe to and become a member of the federation of Pakistan chambers of commerce and industry and to cooperate with and/or to procure from and communicate with any incorporated organization of trade, commerce and industry such information as may be likely to further the aims and objects of the association

Frame and assist in the framing of rules of practice for facilitating and simplifying the business of its members

Maintain and manage any training facilities which may be set up by the association with or without the assistance of the government

Encourage friendly feelings, close cooperation and unanimity among the members of the association on all matters connected with their common goals and objectives

Only in connection with the activities & operations of the association, to purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire or deal in and to construct, maintain, develop or control lands, buildings, or any kind of movable or immovable property or any rights or privileges connected with such property or properties

Sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal in all or any part of the property of the association

Invest and deal with the money of the association not immediately required in such manner as may, from time to time, be determined

Generally to do all that may be conducive or necessary to achieve and attain all or any of the aims and objects of the association directly and indirectly

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