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Graphics Designing & Multimedia Graphic Designing

This course is to fulfills the requirements of a beginners and also of Professional Graphics Designers who wish to enhance their skills of Graphics and Animations in order to be able to design more attractive and appealing designs. This hands-on course will give you an exposure to all the necessary skills that are needed to design, build and manage almost all kinds of websites and graphic content. We would train you in job market oriented tools like Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Dreamweaver and Flash to create unique and impressive design elements such as: Banners, Icons, Buttons, Web Templates, as well as dynamic content such as: Navigation Menus, Text effects, Animated Banners, Rollovers, Displaced Rollovers and galleries. The course will also give you exposure to the appropriate methodologies for creating a diverse range of digital images and content which has been specifically designed to replicate professional web design practices.  Graphic Design Institutes in Lahore Pakistan have been training candidates for a long time but most of them are very narrowly focused on imparting software application skills. These Graphic Design Institutes in Lahore Pakistan are unable to impart the sound theoretical and conceptual understanding that's required to be a professional graphic designer.


In addition to the Market oriented guidelines and special tools and tips classes, our practical assignments are portfolio focused and have been tailored to replicate real time work practices to give you the best possible chance of getting a job upon completion of the course. Graphic Designing is defined as “the art of profession of visual communication that combines images, content, and ideas to convey information to audience.”Graphic Designing is creative process in order to convey message to targeted audience. The term Graphic Designing represents visual communication and presentation. Graphic software’s program such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel & Fireworks. Common uses Graphic Design includes creating Logos, Plamplates, Animations, and Magazines.

The course includes:

Corel Draw

Introduction to Corel Draw

Making of Objects

Reshaping Objects

Mirroring, Filling & Outlining Objects

Inserting Simple & 3D Text

Working with Lenses

Usage of Various Tools

Adobe Photo Shop


Masks and Channels

Drawing and Editing

Printing and Retouching


Saving and Exporting

Image Control



The Work Area

Macro Media Flash

Creating/Modifying Objects

Complex Objects on a Single Layer

Objects on Multiple Layers

Using non-Flash Graphics

Frame by Frame Animations

Animation with Motion and Shape Tweening

More Complex Animation Tasks

Interactivity with Frame Action and Buttons

Adding Sound to your Movies

Introducing Complex Interactivity

Delivering Movies to your Audience

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